Hey, there!

I’m Milena - UI/UX/Product designer, who loves to build and test prototypes!

First, I LOVE prototyping! It is the thing that led me to the UX world. What else… I like to experiment until I find something that will catch my attention and will keep me busy for the next several weeks. That is why I have a huge variety of skills - from design, through some front-end coding to videos and animations.

But back to the UX part… I always put the user first and then I build everthing around their needs. The whole UX process leads me back to the experiment part but usually I start it with research, then some UI sketching, prototyping, testing and several more interations of the last two. What keeps me motivated though the process is the user, being happy…using the product.

And something that is not in my CV - I enjoy cooking and sharing food with nice people! It’s again experimenting… and I also like to take pictures, travel, nature.

If you want to know more about me and how I work, feel free to send me a mail :)